Changing the world with creativity

Inspire the next generation to see how they can make the world a better place.

What is Age of Makers?

Age of Makers is a free, open-sourced and gamified curriculum for educators and volunteers to inspire youth globally to impact the world around them, through music and technology.

“Purpose-based” Learning 🎯

While the traditional approach to education starts by teaching the "How", Age of Makers focuses first on the "Why", giving learners context in agency in their learnings.

Cross-Platform Game 🕹

The Age of Makers Game is built as a Chrome extension: it works on any laptop, from Chromebooks to PCs, Macs...

Download the Age of Makers βeta >

Educators & Volunteers Guide

Check out the instructions on Trailhead for an in-depth Educator and Volunteers guide on how to run those programs locally.

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Can a Game Change the World?

Age of Makers provides an innovative game-based approach to learning, supporting each student to become a changemaker. They navigate an interactive world at their own pace and are driven by their own motivations.

Guided Learning Journeys

To build a solution for the challenge they care about, students skill up by completing "Quests", bite-sized learning adventures.

Each quest unlocks when the prerequisite quests are completed, ensuring "Mastery-based learning": students move to the next topic only when they have mastered the previous one.

Demo of the Age of Makers Game Quests

A Whole New World

The quests are placed on a map with multiple learning areas, for each student to visualize what they can learn and how it all relates to each other.

Completing the Quests allows them they evolve through the "Ages", expanding the learning map they are navigating in.

Demo of the Age of Makers Game Map

Limitless Learning Opportunities

Quests can take different forms:

  • a video with interactive quizzes, like a virtual piano, to assess and strengthen the students' learnings
  • an interactive showcase to inspire the students
  • or, the star of the show and unique to Age of Makers: an embedded guide on top of an external website

That means that, as an educator, the amount of content that can be leveraged through the game is pretty much endless. 🚀

Demo of the Age of Makers Game Embedded Quests

Join the movement

Age of Makers comes from the hard work of educators, volunteers and students coming together to imagine a new pedagogic approach to inspire the next generation of changemakers.

All the source-code and curriculum content is Open-Sourced on GitHub and we’re never short of fun things to do, so we’d love for you to join the community!