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The Future Trailblazer Challenge is a Maker curriculum for students to come up with a proposal to solve one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using cutting-edge technologies, like 3D printing or micro:bits (small programmable electronic devices), as part of their solution.

Run Your Future Trailblazer Challenge

Does this challenge have you on the edge of your seat, wondering how you can get involved? Good! All the ingredients to get started with running a Future Trailblazer Challenge locally are listed below.

Follow the guide 🏞

An exhaustive guide on how to run your own Future Trailblazer Challenge from start to finish is available in Trailhead.

It'll walk you through how to run the program, support the students and organize an incredible Maker Faire event.


See it in action 👀

We've run a global version of the Future Trailblazer Challenge, where students from India, Australia, France, the United Kingdomn and the USA coded and 3D printed prototypes to solve the worlds' biggest challenges.

Watch the Future Trailblazer Pitchfest recap to get a sense of what students have already created to solve for the SDGs.

Future Trailblazer Challenge Pitchfest

Sessions Slide-deck 💻

Use this handy slide deck to lead the live sessions with the students. The deck includes speaker notes to equip you to lead engaging sessions.

VTO Slide-deck

Students Handbook

A comprehensive handbook for the students to follow. You can download the handbook as a PDF and print it out.


Official Certificate of Completion

Make sure everybody leaves with a gift, no matter how small. At a minimum, give each participant a printed certificate to congratulate them on completing the program. It’s a small gesture, but a great finishing touch!

VTO Slide-deck

Age of Makers Trailblazer Community Group

Join this group collaborate with other champions around the world who are running their own versions of this program.

You can share and find tips or examples, request help with any obstacles that you’re encountering... This group is a great place to connect and get inspired by other trailblazers!

Age of Makers Trailblazer Community Group


You won't be the first one to run this program! Hear from other volunteers, educators and even students themselves about the program and how impactful it was.

Watching kids go from not fully understanding the Global Goals for sustainable development to developing their own prototypes restored my faith in what education is at its best: giving kids a platform on which to build their dreams.
Micah Jacobson
Head of Learning Experience Design
Salesforce Sales Enablement
Picture of the author
The volunteers worked alongside the students on each step of the process of building, encouraging, presenting, and celebrating their work.
Eva Monova
Computer Science Teacher
Francisco Middle School, San Francisco
Picture of the author
The support we gave the students was greatly appreciated. Just showing up made all the difference for them.
Joe Houston
Senior Renewal Manager
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Try it out for yourself 🕹

Install the Age of Makers Chrome extension and start the “Music for Change” journey to see how it works!

Wait, that's not it! ☝️

Future Trailblazer Challenge is not the only program you can run with Age of Makers. Are you more into music and building a more equitable society?

Join the movement

Age of Makers comes from the hard work of educators, volunteers and students coming together to imagine a new pedagogic approach to inspire the next generation of changemakers.

All the source-code and curriculum content is Open-Sourced on GitHub and we’re never short of fun things to do, so we’d love for you to join the community!